This weekend, in my tired splendour, I spent an hour and half of my time watching the 2009 directoral debut by Samantha Morton, the unloved. Notoriously recognised as one of the only successful and prominent British actresses not to come from a long line of welathy and fortunate artistic-type family, Morton herself spent her childhood in care. A fact which I believe shines through every single shot of the unloved.

The rhythm of the episode is beautifully calculated. It comprises of many long lingering shots- at times far too beautiful in contrast to the sadness behind Lucy's eyes. Its difficult to romanticise abusive childhoods, or growing up in care, but Morton steps on the edges of combining gorgeous visual melancholy with the suffering sadness of the individuls portrayed.

This programme made me feel desperately hopeless as to what will happen next under the coalition government and their spending cuts for those in the most need. Children like those featured in the unloved will be made invisible. I just hope enough children in care get to watch this programme and recognise that if Morton can succeed within a field that she loves, so can they. If anyone deserves it most, it is those children society always manages to sideline, ignore, or push to the bottom of the pile.

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