I think i'm going to write up some of the things i have previously written upon these here pages.

although typing seems to be my unpaid world right now.

mm m.

frightened rabbit






there are not many things that make me physically furious, that make my blood run faster and more fiercely with heat.

but watching the prime minister of this country, my home, my land of birth, step infront of a camera and play the honourable allie of Israel (then America), in the afterglow of the holocaust in a city which formerly had a Palestinian name, a Palestinian population and a Palestinian culture, makes me want to scream until the tv soaks up my anger and takes it away from my disgusted eyes.

how can we be so blind to the immediacy of the present and yet still be able to focus to intently on the past?

Some days this world makes me ashamed to be a human being. not that we fight, for we can fight for justice, what we believe in, human rights.. but for the ability of humanity today to manipulate with such ease, without the flicker of shame, the honesty and innocence of humanity, via the media, to create wars, justify them, and reap the benefits of death, cultural destruction and loss, in order to drill a little bit deeper for the oil, to sell a few more of those limited edition submarines and guns, or to make sure, lest it be lost, that the 'enemy' is still evident, alive and kicking, and easily distinguishable form our own. whether they be russian, eastern european, chinese or 'the muslims' the distinction of us from them needs to be maintained, and easily maintained.

but the war on terror, the thriving corporations, the insecurity of the world in every aspect- economically, environmentally, politically, all provide a new list of priorities for the everyday man, the earn more money, work harder, and leave all the reasons why we are live behind.


i wonder what marx would say.