no dash for gas

This lot did some direct action in the name of climate crime.
EDF tried to sue them £5million.
Over 65,000 people singed a petition in opposition...
And No Dash for Gas won.

This video explains why they climbed up a power station and occupied it for a week.
If you want to know more, go here, here or here

the spirit level

I'm reading The spirit level: why equality is better for everyone, at the moment.

 I'm halfway through and it seems to be taking me forever. This is probably due to my reading a handful of other books at the same time (mainly novels) that always seem to win. And this trailer, to be honest, is a bit shit. But the ideas are really good, and I consistently find myself using examples from the book in everyday chat... especially around SUV's in urban areas (hate that shit). 

guerilla gardeners