I went to London and stood in the street
and shouted free gaza now
with all the other people
who want gaza to be free.



what happens next? Everyone has a dip. Everyone has moments of blurry eye sights and nestled comforts. When do we pull ourselves out of it all?

It has been 5 months 8 days and four hours since I stopped.

I want it to all begin again, because it hasn’t gone away, not at all. I want to remember the things I wanted, waited for, stumbled across and realised with. Ah those realisation moments are so very very key to living each day. They make all the fumbling worthwhile.


Now here a big big one. A big thought that needs a big box, a big room, a big open mind to consider it, yet it saturates every action we make, every word we speak every thought that leads us to change our selves.

Look at the state of the world. What is going on? No one considers anything anymore. The days tumble past, people get shot, children are caught in the crossfire and all we do is say “Oh shit, look at that, those poor people..” then pick up our tv remote and try and find the next episode of Americas next top model.
Its no great dilemma.

So we try and dull down these pangs of guilt and burning apathy with a couple of pounds falling into the pocket of whichever young and bright or old and serving charity knocks on our door this week. We can sign away our hard earned pennies then every month when the papers come through the letter box, just flick over the stats and chuck them in the recycling bin. Because it doesn’t really matter where your money is going, as long as its going in the right direction- right?

Human rights are of the essence. They should be what we, everyday, strive to enforce. Equality, shared responsibility and the desire to help. Humans are, as a species, philanthropists. They care about life, they act on its behalf. Its inscribed into every religion, every family value and supposedly every law that gets accepted by society.

Yet we see, albeit with shock, the result of rockets killing four civilians, an attack killing almost 800 and wounding up to 5000 others.
four Vs 2500.
one of the strongest armies that has every existed vs a few men, with immutable belief that they are doing the right thing, they are trying to be heard, they are signaling not only for action, but waving a hand at the world through a mask of violence to remind them that they are still there. They are still struggling, and they will use any which means they can get their hands on. Because their voices aren’t loud enough, their writing not dark enough, and their leaders not strong enough against the pressure of the international world order to even ask the other big men to turn around.

They are lost within the egos and weapons trade that override the justice that is being sought.

They have been lost for so long.