angels in america

Months have passed and I keep meaning to share this find, which I encountered at a friends when I was living back in the west country.

Angels in America is an epic film compiled from a tv series, adapted from a broadway play. It is searingly beautiful. It is extremely poigniant and it is fantastically acted with amazing vigour and carelessness and sharpness that only true stage artists can evoke - even on film. It is heartbreaking. It is terrifying. It makes you feel entirely helpless and completely powerful at the same time.
It makes you realise how vulnerable our bodies are, and how powerful our will can be.

The props are awful, the graphics very questionable, but it feels like you are watching a play on the screen, with all the gusto and glory of the theatre.

If you find yourself with 6 hours of spare time, I highly highly reccommend you spend it watching this.

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