I saw Laura Marling play a few months ago with my beautiful friend Becky P (muchos gracias for the free tick my lover).. and now i have begun to enjoy the sounds of her former band mates, Mumford & Sons.

I feel as though I have let this lot pass my buy in the furore of their first album which did smashingly well...

but in recent days when I have been finding it hard to keep it together, Mumford & Sons have allowed a little bit of uplift to my hours of daylight.

and for this i thank them.

For a video following Mumford & Sons and Miss Marling creating a treat in India with the Rajasthani collective at the Dharohar Project please click here.

For a little treat shaped taster watch this:


no fit state

One week in June I went to see a performance of Tabu by No fit state...

Having seen a fair bit of circus since becoming mildly obsessed with aerial around a year ago, I can categorically say this was THE best contemporary circus experience I have ever had the pleasure to be immersed in...

Bristol is home to many circus oriented escapades, from circomeda, a circus school and training space that provides evening classes for those interested... to the invisible circus, an absolutely amazing collective of inspirational people playing music, dancing steps and swinging in the sky for our entertainment on a frequent basis.

But No fit state had it all. everything. the story lines were not as funny and all encompassing as the invisible circus, but the all round skills of the performers were astounding. the way that they use the stage, adapt new tools to play with and have a fearlessness that is breathtaking, makes it the ultimate in-the-round experience. Just to be witness to some of the aerial acts performed above the audience i felt as though i was almost in tears. the beauty was absolutely wonderful...

but please, watch the trailer below and enjoy a taster of the magical night I had in Bath last month...



A little treat from the spike island open day earlier this summer...


if you love wood and things made out of wood that aren't usually.. you will love the bike from E.T this artist is carving in his studio... feels like home.