seeds of freedom

permaculture as fuck

I've recently completed a certificate in permaculture design. I'd like to say it's changed my life, but in all honesty, it hasn't.

What the course did do for me, was confirm a lot of things I had already been thinking. In my work we're constantly battling against corporate control of natural resources, big greedy businesses using up more than their fare share, and an increasingly more powerful corporate lobby. I knew these were bad things, and I knew that there were other ways. Living in a boat, then a caravan, I understood that choices to live on the edges of society were possible. But I didn't realise just how important those edges are.

In permaculture the edges are the most important bits. Where living things thrive, where experiments go right and wrong, and where new things begin.

Here is a film some lovely people from my home town made about some permaculture guy (who, after a quick google, seems to be pretty on it.) Nice work team.