Visualizing occupation

Freedom of movement. 

Or rather, denial of freedom of movement. 

Other corkers include: Prisoners, water access, and protest.


brand new ancients

I'm in love with kate tempest. 


no dash for gas

This lot did some direct action in the name of climate crime.
EDF tried to sue them £5million.
Over 65,000 people singed a petition in opposition...
And No Dash for Gas won.

This video explains why they climbed up a power station and occupied it for a week.
If you want to know more, go here, here or here

the spirit level

I'm reading The spirit level: why equality is better for everyone, at the moment.

 I'm halfway through and it seems to be taking me forever. This is probably due to my reading a handful of other books at the same time (mainly novels) that always seem to win. And this trailer, to be honest, is a bit shit. But the ideas are really good, and I consistently find myself using examples from the book in everyday chat... especially around SUV's in urban areas (hate that shit). 

guerilla gardeners


Ali Smith

“She looked round the room at all the books on all the shelves. A closed book on a shelf sat there quietly, not saying anything.”

There but for the




A wee while ago I asked my friends which books I should read. They came back with an eclectic list - because obviously my friends read a lot of books and (hopefully) also have excellent taste. After whittling out all of the vague authors names-with-no-book-titles, and already-read gems, I now have myself a list. Initially I was going to conduct a Kinders Al Kinley inspired 2013 challenge for myself - but I just don't think I have his determination. (However he did contribute to this list - for which I am grateful). I have added one of my own which has been sat by my bed for many moons (Oh What a Carve Up) which was given to me by a good friend many many months ago. Sorry Jules. It is on a list now, so don't worry. 

I'm not going to make a foolish promise to read all of the books below. Come on. But I will use this is a go-to list. Expect reviews. short and sweet ones. Soon. (Hopefully).

So here you go. My to-reads. 

Margaret Atwood - oryx and crake
Paul Auster – Leviathan
Paul Auster - Mr Vertigo
Franco Berardi - The Soul at Work
Mikhil Bulgakov - Master and margarita
Camus - The Outsider
Camus - The Plague
Jonathan Coe – Oh What a Carve up.
Michael Cunningham - A Home at the end of the world
Jared Diamond - Collapse
Junot Diaz - Oscar Wao + Drown
Dickens - Great Expectations
Jim Dodge - Stone Junction
David Eagleman - Sum
Jeffery Eugenides - Middlesex
Fitzgerald – Gatsby
Robert Girardi - Madeleine's Ghost
Ursula Le Guin - The Dispossessed
Joseph Heller - Catch 22
Hemingway - For Whom the Bell Tolls
Frank Herbert - Dune series
Huxley - Brave New World
Jeroen Krabbe - The Discovery of Heaven
Primo Levi - If This is a Man
Marquez - The General In His Labyrinth
Marquez - 100 Years of Solitude
Last of the Savages - Jay McInernery
Czesław Miłosz - Captive Mind
Haruki Murakami - IQ 84
Alun Paton - Cry the Beloved Country
Mervyn Peake - Ghormenghast trilogy
Marge Piercy - Gone to Soldiers
Thomas Pynchon - Gravities Rainbow
Antione de Sant Exupery - The Little Prince
Salinger - Franny and Zoey
Marjane Satrapi – Persepolis
Rebecca Solnit - Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disasters
John Steinbeck - East of Eden
Scarlett Thomas - End of Mr Y
Stefan Zweig - Chess Story