sheikh jarrah

"Once you no longer have the luxury of ignorance,
 the feeling is that you have to take a stand"

- An Israeli mother who protests in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Jeruslaem, Sheikh Jarrah

If you make sure you do one thing today, you should watch these films. Incredible. 



So. #occupywallstreet and #occupydc and #occupyseattle and all of the other beautiful, unique and wonderful occupations that are going on out there in the world right now are making my skin tingle.  It has spread so thick and so fast all over the United States of America and now Europe (although I recognise that many peoples are amidst their own struggles which far precede this phenomenon) that today, suddenly, I realised that this could be the big eye opener that our world needs.

And then I watched this video on consensus.
And It made my smile so much more bigger.

I have seen a lot of videos and photos and tweets and blogs around these occupations. And just like a lot of other protests and occupations of the past I have seen things that have made me angry. The authoritarian and brutal actions of the police. The manipulation of private enterprises into stereotyping and condemning the people standing up for their rights. The consistent untruths spewed out by the media day by day. But this video made me feel blessed to have a voice and to be able to use it. It made me feel like I am doing the right thing by working in human rights and vying for change each day, however far away it may seem on those dark days that we all have.  

Good luck occupiers.

Occupy everything