the future of things

Over the past week or so I have become a little bit obsessed with watching short films.

This mainly include those by 'futute shorts' a fab little film production peoples that keep sending me little lush little treats in less than ten minute shaped moving images.

Three of my very favourites are as follows:

1. The art of drowning
Not quite as profound as, nor quite as enchanting as the waking life promises. But very simple and funny and beautifully graphic novel esquely animated.

2. The Ganzfeld procedure
Very adorable video to florence and the machine (I was told never to say adorable because it's apparently kind of offensive. but I really think this is lovely in a non-fluffy kitten kind of way)

3. and a new Earth
This is a little treat. so please watch it if you want to feel nice. by wirrow. lovely.

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