i have many things to say about israel and palestine. maybe ill say them in bits an pieces. today i was thinking about my lifetime and the major events that have happened which i should have experienced but didn't. due to governmental abilities at hiding events and due to my white middle class ignorant blissful childhood.. which although i would never ever renounce as it has provided me with the stability of mind and empathetic ability that has led me to question the world and yearn for information, has also shown me how life can and should be for children all over the world.
Its strange to think that this is where my life experiences have led me, concerned for children living in a prison verging on humanitarian crisis, but not quite hitting the marker with enough force to be a serious cause for concern (for the governments in question, not for the people involved/ watching on).
there are places i have never heard of, with things happening that i have never ever imagined. aborigines in australia that still stand unrecognised in camps similar to concentration camps, leaders of the khmer rouge regime that decimated millions of cambodians, wandering free and easy in local communities without so much as a slap on the wrist...

and now we are confronted with israel and palestine.
what happens next?

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