Bill 78 is a Canadian piece of legislation created to curb public protests. So every night in at 8pm adults, children, men, women (and all inbetween) take to the streets with pots and pans to show that the right to protest cannot be taken away. They do this to demand the bill be stopped. And for many, to show support of the 100 day student strikes in Quebec that have been taking place over raised education fees. Strikes that have seen harsh policing, arrests and violence, and have resulted in the urgent passing of Bill 78 - described as a threat to freedom of expression.

The video above is beautiful. It's a beautiful thing to see people coming together, walking the streets of their city and raising their voice to be heard.

Yet, this issue is massive and could have huge implications for protest as we know it. It's a slow step-by-step process of chipping away at the autonomy of the citizens. Of repealing laws quietly, creating new laws in secrecy and shrouding each bill and piece of legislation in the cloak of 'protection' and 'public order' or 'national security'. We've seen this in the UK. When Boris decided that noone is allowed to protest in parliament square (apart from the legendary Brian Hawes). We see it in the treatment of students during protests with kettling tactics and violent treatment. We see it with the Fortnum and Mason 145, with the crime of a fabricated 'intended intimidation' and pre emptive arrests preceding the Royal wedding. 

I stand in solidarity with those in Quebec and around the world who stand up against this legitimised violence and authoritarianism. Through and through. 

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