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And so the time has come once again for Palestine to demand recognition as a state and to be accepted by the United Nations in her statehood. 
Those at the Huffington Post have made this jazzy interactive map to show which states are in favour of/ against/ undecided toward Palestinian statehood. 
Find the map here.

It looks like if the EU, France and UK pull through on the side of Palestine, there may be hope. Of course the US' veto power in the UN could always been thrown down on the table all too readily in favour of Israel, as we have seen in the past
There are some more excellently informative articles of the proposition of a Palestinian state on the Huffington Post website, #palestinianstatehood.

Personally, I really hope it is time for recognition of the Palestinian people after such a long, bitter conflict that is played out day by day, checkpoint by checkpoint, bullet by bullet in an endless desperate struggle for liberation and security. I worry about what the price may be. Whether the Palestinians will have to make irreversible sacrifices in regards to territory, historical narrative and life. 

In the words of academic Illan Pappe:
"It could be either painful and violent, if Israel continues to enjoy international immunity and is allowed to finalize by sheer brutal force its mapping of post-Oslo Palestine. Or it could end in a revolutionary and much more peaceful way with the gradual replacement of the old fabrications with solid new truths about peace and reconciliation for Palestine. Or perhaps the first scenario is an unfortunate precondition for the second. Time will tell."

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