This week I stumbled across this group:

combatants for peace

In line with some other inspiring grassroots community orientated reconciliation work happening in the Palestine and Israel, this group is working for a future for Israelis and Palestinians that is free from violence. It began jointly by Israeli's and Palestinian's who were previously active in the violence of the conflict- soldiers, combatants, resistors..

the goals of the group are:
  • To raise the consciousness in both publics regarding the hopes and suffering of the other side, and to create partners in dialogue.
  • To educate towards reconciliation and non-violent struggle in both the Israeli and Palestinian societies.
  • To create political pressure on both Governments to stop the cycle of violence, end the occupation and resume a constructive dialog.
The education is done via an interesting role of narrative- not dissimilar to the narrative of the documentary encounterpoint; based on sharing, empathy, education and awareness. The role of story is something which calls to individuals in a way nothing else is able to. To hear the other side of the story, to hear and experience it yourself is something which cannot be paralleled. I hope they continue their good work in the area...

promotional video is here:

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