Erasmus Mundus MA Human Rights Practice starts here:

Göteborg, Sweden.

Things i have found out already:
  • The city is quite small, and quite like a sort of alps-esque version of brooklyn-meets-berlin-meets-amsterdam without the street art...?
  • There is a massive massive park with penguins, seals, deer and a lake on my doorstep
  • The Institute of Global Studies- my academic home, is an old seminary with an orchard
  • The other students on my course are hugely interesting, experienced and from diverse backgrounds
  • I'm going to have to work Hard. Capital H
  • I am a very very lucky young person
exciting times.

*good luck holly bear by the talented ms aurelia lange

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Carolyn said...

you can work Hard! you've done it before...room looks lovely and light and big....lucky you! xxxx