what this video shows:

has made me send the following email to my local MP Stephen Williams and deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg:

Dear Stephen, Nick,

I am writing to ask you to publicly condemn the actions of Israel this morning against an aid flotilla traveling to Gaza.

As you may know, there are two Bristol residents on board one of the boats that came under the attack, and we are still waiting to hear whether they have been wounded or not.They are Sakir Yildirim from Fishponds and Cliff Hanley from Southville, both members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who have been raising funds for the flotilla.

I have read varied reports on the attack from various sources, such as;

Al Jazeera:


...and an extremely one sided bbc report:

I am writing as a member of both the national Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and also as a Bristol member of the PSC.

I am in complete shock as to how Israel has managed to get away with attacking a group of boats, who are sailing to Gaza as an aid convoy, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, with such ferocity as to result in death and serious injury.

The attack happened at about 4am Monday morning after was stormed by commandos descending from helicopters. The interception reportedly took place in international waters, more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza.

Israel believes it is above international law and it is not. The only way they will ever stop acting with such force, determination and brutality against the Palestinian people and those who stand in solidarity with them, is for you, our government, to acknowledge the wrong doing and stand up in opposition. How many more people need to die? Because the list keeps getting longer.

As quoted in the bbc article above:

As the meeting of the UN Security Council got under way in New York, diplomats said the draft text of a resolution called for condemnation of the operation, the immediate release of the impounded ships and for an international inquiry.

Please ensure that this is the case, as I have a fear that this will be pushed to the bottom of the pile, just like the Goldstone Report of the attack on Gaza. (2008/2009)

for more information:

In hope,

Holly Black

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