t e a

if you know me well you will be aware i am partial to a nice cup of tea.

this mild obsession has become concrete over the years. my return from China resulted in me taking a green tea every morning before work or university. my return from palestine meant black tea with ample sugars. my new favourite which i cannot get enough of is lady grey (closely followed by orange roibos)

my top 3 tea experiences

- being sat in the oldest tea room in shang hai with one of the best friends you could want for. sipping flowering tea with a side of quails eggs looking over a lake in a park. the quals eggs werent up to much, but the tea was incredible and the experience a delicate magic.

- tea society; a little treat me and my first flatmates alice and bex created at university. it was once a week, or fortnight, or month and was an excuse for all tea drinkers to bring a tea of choice, gather in our kitchen and talk about the world. preferably with biscuits and cakes. even if only one person turned up, it was worth the kettle boiling.

- a good friend come over to my house in brighton with a loose leaf bag of tea and a small spherical strainer. he knew i was sick and wanted to help, and so did it in the best form possible. tea time.
what a gem.

- tea and hot cross buns. anywhere. any time.

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