I physically wanted to stand up in my room, on my bed and applaud this woman at the end of this talk that i have just had the pleasure of watching.

If you have ever seen the stage show of; read the script of; or seen a film adaptation of;
the vagina monologues,
i doubt if you could disagree with me...

Two christmas's ago, I went to see the Vagina Monologues with some good friends of mine. We settled down in a cold, beautifully decked out church-come-theatre in st.pauls, Bristol. And i listened to a series of monologues from varied women talking about their lives and relationships, and most importantly- their vagina's.
Eve Ensler interviewed over 200 women about their experiences with sexuality and the results are wide and varied.
I have never thought I would take so much pleasure in watching a girl scream her orgasms repeatedly on stage- each like a snowflake; different from the next. As a woman, (and i am sure also for many men) i found the experience indescribably uplifting... with each testimonial being so incredibly personal and unique, perhaps slow at first for some... but each so interesting and well performed it was difficult not to be moved to tears through both laughter and sadness.

when the audience was asked,
"who in this room has been a victim of/
has a family member who has been victim to/
a friend who has been victim to:
domestic violence...
please stand".

Suffice to say there were empty seats galore.

Eve Ensler is an important woman.
From just one viewing of her talk i feel completely empowered.
Which is a shadow of the spring in my strut following my night at the theatre two years ago...

watch this and see for yourself.

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