nonel and vovel

this year for my birthday my mum gave me this comic book:

The Novel of nonel and vovel...

It is a book that is a result of a collaboration of two women: one Palestinian and one Israeli.

It is refreshing to see an equal collaboration between two creative sparks. resulting not only in a book, but also exhibitions, talks and tours facilitating a space to talk about creativity, art and most poignantly- the conflict in the middle east.

well done mum.


mysteriousfriend said...

Is it a good read?

Carolyn said...

my pleasure Holly....xx

schimi said...

Wow looks great!!
You may also like Joe Sacco's stuff if you like this. Try Palestine and also his new one, footsteps in Gaza

schimi said...

OK, I've just seen your 17.01.2010 entry. Good though aren't they!!