The TED lecture of A J Jacobs year of living biblically rings of a more inquisitive and informative Dave Gormanesque adventure.

He spends a year following the rules of the bible - and not just the ten commandments, he read through a whole pile of different bibles and drew out around 700 rules and commandments to be followed- many of these obscure, and many of them contradictory. Apart for leading for a great foundation for a novel, he also inevitably took an intense spiritual journey triggered by his fear and confusion of fundamentalism.

see here for an excerpt and information on how to be biblical amongst other bits and pieces.

This idea is brilliant because it brings to light fundamentalists and their idea of 'taking the bible literally' - as it seems no one can truly do this. this is proof. religion is a pick and mix of sections you want to follow and sections you choose not to. It is nigh on impossible to take a book which has been written over many many years and follow each and every of the thousands of rules. religion is a tool that can be used for good- or for bad. It makes me question when someone acts in the name of god, if they really are disguising what they selfishly want by a mask of religion.

Its such a shame when something so good can be manipulated for something so terrible as war.

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