On fri 18th september the big golden midas touched wall of bristol's colston hall opens.
I'm not sure if there is anything of much interest on the other side.
I think its just a foyer. a really really big over priced one.
but nevertheless bristol is having a treat which I'm pretty excited about.

Play Me I'm Yours by Luke Jerram

Lots of little pianos will be dotted about the city centre for the public to enjoy.
I just can't believe we haven't thought of this before... lets keep them and have a tinkle.


Anonymous said...

i saw these street pianos in london there was an amazing guy playing it outside liverpool st station amazing idea

hollyblack said...

apparently they put a piano in st.george and one in bedminster in bristol.

these are the only two pianos of the entire history of this project that have been burnt down.

the bristol youth- making it their own.

Carolyn said...

funny, I didn't know you had this on your blog! Luke is always embarassed about the vandalism in his own city...