book club

Book Club number one. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. By Mark Twain.

We decided that we spent too much time talking about books that we have collectively, not all read, or finished, or liked.
So a decision was made regarding the penguin £2 popular classics series that can be found on the shelves of your local chain book store.
The decision was to give ourselves two weeks to complete a classic.
Then to discuss it.
And this time we will all be sure we have read the same book (as all three of us have exactly the same book)
with the same name
by the same author.

The first meeting is Weds July 22nd and I haven't so much as peeped inside the front cover as of yet.


mysteriousfriend said...

Would you believe I have read this book. I bought it on MP3 2 years ago when I was re decorating the downstairs loo. I have things to say when the critiquing of this book commences. p.s. I also have the film and it starts a baby elijah wood!

hollyblack said...

postponed until further notice