today i feel exceptional.
Like an exception to the norm of what we expect from society today.
My friends:
the people who I have in my life; who help me build my life and live my life have helped me home...

to have faith in the words that we speak.
to listen to them and to understand what those words are saying, what they are trying to say and what they can say when used in the right place.

words are freedom. they are love. they are hate. they are facilitators of our thoughts, emotions, imaginations.
we speak them, write them, hear them, every day of our lives, and much of this time, they spill out of us like we were designed as a species to communicate this way.

but we were not. and when i think of the spectrum of human emotion, as vast as the spectrum of the rainbow, I understand that the words we use cannot and should not be able to convey the vast, overlapping experiences that form us every day.

but we are lucky to have them.
so we must use them and speak them and hear them and sing them and shout them.
until they take shape and fall out of our mouths and hands and stick to our pages.

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mysteriousfriend said...

How glorious it is -- and also how painful -- to be an exception.

Alfred De Musset
(French dramatist, poet, and novelist.)